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Beauty Inner Circle

Uncover game changing insights from NIQ’s beauty market research. Cutting-edge consumer and market intelligence, industry revelations, and expert counsel combine to help your brand make smart decisions to unveil the future of the beauty industry.

Consumer Life

Understand fundamental forces driving consumer mindset shifts in attitudes and behaviors to anticipate changing wants and needs. Identify opportunities in your category, demographic, and market and prevent yourself from being blindsided by quickly identifying potential disruptors.

Grocery Shopper Trends

Get unparalleled insights into global grocery shopper trends. Grocery Shopper Trends preports provide a comprehensive understanding of changing shopping patterns, store usage, mission types, attitudes, and behaviors across the sector.

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What people are saying about NIQ market research reports

Top level insights

“Consumer Life from GfK provides top level insights into the macro trends and values shaping the consumer. Understanding and deeply diving into specific generations give us a solid understanding of our future customer’s mindset, while the analysis based on the data in Consumer Life helps us sharpen our strategies and focus on the attributes that matter.”

Alka Baijal
Sr. Manager, Nissan North America

Growth areas for future strategy

“Amid emerging shifts in consumer habits, companies are under pressure to accelerate business growth. It’s effective and now more accessible to use data-gathering technology and insights to drive results thanks to companies like NielsenIQ.

Businesses have access to immense amounts of data, and data-collecting is only going to accelerate. Executives increasingly cite the two biggest challenges for not utilizing information in decision-making as “siloed/difficult to access,” and “teams don’t have the know-how or capacity to extract insights.”

Ashley Miles
Founder & CEO,
Franklyn West

Extremely valuable

“Our workshop with the GfK Consumer Life team was extremely valuable and gave us a deeper insight into consumers’ attitudes, concerns, and behaviors. All of our questions were answered in a way that will help us to further pursue our business objectives. We are looking forward to working together in the future.”

I’ve been incredibly impressed with the community-building and networking tools as well. Highly recommend!”

Vera Kockler
Marketing Manager at trinamiX GmbH