Estonia Shopper Trends 2023/24


WINNING SHOPPER HEARTS, MINDS AND WALLETS Globally, sluggish economic growth coupled with lukewarm consumer confidence has fueled a highly competitive and demanding retail landscape. Retailers and manufacturers are similarly challenged to engage and contend for the basket of the increasingly fickle shopper in the midst of the current environment. Identifying and navigating through these shifts in shopper attitudes and behaviour has become fundamental for your category and brand success. With the NielsenIQ Shopper Trends reports, you’ll be able to gain a comprehensive view of grocery retail trends, understand banner equity tracking for the major chains’ shopper visit and receive an in-depth analysis of changing shopping patterns, store usage, mission types, attitudes and behaviour, and how they relate to your category.


This report is part of NielsenIQ’s Syndicated Reports conducted globally. Your purchase includes the Estonia Shopper Trends 2023/2024 report.

Field work: Jan 26 – Feb 26 2024

Publication date: June 11, 2024

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