Redefining the 50+ consumer around the world (Global Report)


Younger people tend to get a lot of attention, but older adults are an important market for 3 compelling reasons:

    • There are a lot of them: One in four people in the world is aged 50+. If you don’t count children <18, the share is even higher, 36%.
      There will be more of them in the future: The number of global consumers age 50+ is projected to grow more than twice as fast as the total population over the next few decades.
      They have a lot of money to spend: Older consumers wield an enormous amount of spending power.

Breaking Boundaries explores the lifestyles of consumers age 50+ around the world. It highlights their geographic and demographic diversity and identifies the best opportunities to reach this significant market.

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This report was conducted by GfK Consumer Life – the most comprehensive and longest-standing consumer trend study in the world. Its data has been collected annually since 1997 from over 30,000 consumers in more than 25 countries. 

Table of contents

  • Background 
    • Making the case for a large and vibrant market 
  • 50+ lifestyle 
  • 50+ mindset 
  • 50+ consumers 
  • Conclusions/Key Learnings 


Get insights into every facet of people’s activities, desires, and needs

Envision the future and anticipate trends

Understand fundamental forces driving consumer mindset shifts in attitudes and behaviors to anticipate changing wants and needs. Identify opportunities in your category, demographic, and market and prevent yourself from being blindsided by quickly identifying potential disruptors.

Understand how personal values and lifestyles evolve

The world is changing rapidly, and it influences consumers’ ideals and actions. Know how their personal values evolve over time, how that impacts their actions, and what it means for your communications and brand portfolio strategies.

Know how your consumers are similar…and different

Segment consumers by any number of demographics, psychographics, or attitudinal behaviors to quickly, and quantitatively demonstrate consistency and gaps, ensuring that you adjust marketing and outreach accordingly.

Grow and innovate in new products and markets

Use consumer attitudes and behaviors to identify and fill gaps or expand into new markets which present opportunities. Inform product development, marketing, and strategic growth and market sizing.

Identify future outlooks for longer term planning

Gain insights into how consumers see the world evolving, and how that impacts their plans, their purchasing decisions, their lifestyles, and more. Our focus on leading edge consumers provides insights of trends before they become mainstream.

What people are saying about Consumer Life

Top level insights

“Consumer Life from GfK provides top level insights into the macro trends and values shaping the consumer. Understanding and deeply diving into specific generations give us a solid understanding of our future customer’s mindset, while the analysis based on the data in Consumer Life helps us sharpen our strategies and focus on the attributes that matter.”

Alka Baijal
Sr. Manager, Nissan North America

Growth areas for future strategy

“Supported by GfK’s TrendKey Framework, we have identified growth areas for our future strategy. We use the findings, for example, in decisions on marketing strategy and product portfolio. Thanks to the joint workshop, all employees are now aligned with the strategy and have the big picture in mind for every upcoming business decision.”

Thomas Güttler
CEO, Rollei

Extremely valuable

“Our workshop with the GfK Consumer Life team was extremely valuable and gave us a deeper insight into consumers’ attitudes, concerns, and behaviors. All of our questions were answered in a way that will help us to further pursue our business objectives. We are looking forward to working together in the future.”

I’ve been incredibly impressed with the community-building and networking tools as well. Highly recommend!”

Vera Kockler
Marketing Manager at trinamiX GmbH

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