The evolution of clean and sustainable beauty


Clean and sustainable continues to be a strong trend in the beauty industry but the meaning is changing. First, the focus was around removing perceived “bad” ingredients from products. Then consumers looked for brands that are not only clean but are also doing their part to protect the environment through sustainable efforts. The most progressive consumers are now going even further and demanding that the companies they support be ethically minded as well as clean and sustainable. These trends are building upon each other, not replacing one for the other. Clean and sustainable beauty has proven to be a trend with staying power as we continue to see growth and innovation in this space. 


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What people are saying about NIQ Beauty Inner Circle

A trusted solution

“Amid emerging shifts in consumer habits, companies are under pressure to accelerate business growth. It’s effective and now more accessible to use data-gathering technology and insights to drive results thanks to companies like NielsenIQ.

Businesses have access to immense amounts of data, and data-collecting is only going to accelerate. Executives increasingly cite the two biggest challenges for not utilizing information in decision-making as “siloed/difficult to access,” and “teams don’t have the know-how or capacity to extract insights.”

Ashley Miles
Founder and CEO of Franklyn West

Expert category insights

“NielsenIQ has always been my go-to for expert category insights, and the introduction of NIQ Beauty Inner Circle has amplified that. The real-time data, category tracking and lifestyle insights are second to none-  invaluable resources we use to help our client’s innovation and expansion efforts.

I’ve been incredibly impressed with the community-building and networking tools as well. Highly recommend!”

Nikola Cline
Founder and President of Brandettes

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