The Ultimate Guide to Celebrity Beauty Brands 2023


Within the beauty space, celebrities are no longer just endorsing products, but are launching their own brands. We have seen an uptick in celebrity beauty brand launches, but in an already crowded market, is a famous name enough to convince consumers to buy a brand? Report Benefits This report provides insights on the rise of celebrity beauty brands such as overall performance, drivers of success, and a unique segmentation. It is important for manufacturers and retailers to keep a pulse on this growing segment in beauty.



In order to analyze the success of a celebrity beauty brand, we brought together some of the most powerful data sets in the beauty industry.  

  • NielsenIQ Omnishopper Panel provides brand sales and consumer purchase metrics, across the $90B+ US Beauty and Personal care marketplace 
  • Dash Hudson Entertainment Scores, is calculated using Retention Rate and Engagement Rate to measure how well a brand’s social videos are entertaining its audience. 
  • Earned Media Value (EMV) is a proprietary metric from Tribe Dynamics, a CreatorIQ company, that quantifies the estimated value of consumer engagement with digital earned media.   
  • Spate analyzes over 20 billion search signals to identify which beauty products are most top of mind for consumers. Why search data? Every time a user types a query into the search bar, they are sharing what is top of mind for them – often including concerns, questions, and context they might not share elsewhere.   

Table of contents

The state of celebrity beauty  

  • Scope of analysis 
  • Number of celebrity beauty brand launches by year 
  • Celebrity beauty brand sales performance  
  • Retailer prioritization of celebrity beauty brands 
  • Insight into how a celebrity brand can succeed  

Evaluating success in celebrity beauty 

  • Top celebrity brands in dollar sales 
  • Top celebrity brands in Instagram and Tik Tok entertainment scores powered by Dash Hudson  
  • Top celebrity brands in earned media value powered by CreatorIQ 
  • Top celebrity brands in search powered by Spate 
  • Custom segmentation of celebrity brands 

Brands we are watching  

  • A spotlight on some key celebrity beauty brands  

What’s next for celebrity brands 

  • Celebrity brands launching in 2023 
  • Spotlight on key influencer brands 
  • The future of dermatologist brand 
  • Looking at celebrity launches beyond the beauty space 

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Meet the experts

Anna Mayo

VP, NielsenIQ Beauty Vertical 

As a Vice President for NielsenIQ’s Beauty Vertical, Anna Mayo is an innovative thought leader within the beauty and personal care retailing space. NielsenIQ’s beauty and personal care insights cover 100 global markets, providing the industry’s most total view into omnichannel consumption and, in turn, empowering the next decade of beauty.   

Katie Hazlett

Client Manager, NielsenIQ Beauty Vertical 

Throughout her 6 years at NielsenIQ, Katie has worked with cross functional teams to deliver actionable insights to clients across multiple categories. She is well versed in analyzing data and uncovering insights in order to create a cohesive, comprehensive story.

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Businesses have access to immense amounts of data, and data-collecting is only going to accelerate. Executives increasingly cite the two biggest challenges for not utilizing information in decision-making as “siloed/difficult to access,” and “teams don’t have the know-how or capacity to extract insights.”

Ashley Miles
Founder and CEO of Franklyn West

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I’ve been incredibly impressed with the community-building and networking tools as well. Highly recommend!”

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